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In The Recording Studio With Spirit Of Grace

Ben Clock was in the recording studio today with gospel group Spirit Of Grace, who is performing backup vocals for Clock's next song. The new song is sounding amazing and is scheduled to be release sometime before the end of this year.

Ben Clock Seen Filming Music Video On Colorado Ski Slopes

Ben Clock and crew seen filming next music video. Surprisingly, this one is being filmed on the ski slopes of Colorado. Even more surprising is he's wearing his now iconic suit… burr, that looks cold. This must mean his next song release is near!

Ben Clock MP3 Player

Starting in the August 2015, Ben will be giving away an MP3 player every month to one lucky individual who has joined The Loop. Just enter your email below and click 'Get in The Loop'.

Ben Clock Mastering Deeper Love At Evergroove Studio

Ben Clock has another release coming out soon! Seen in a recent photo mastering the record with Brad Smalling at Evergroove Studio… and that means the release is close. This one is going to be soulful with a bit of funk and dance elements added in.

Former Eagle resident Ben Clock releases EP

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When most of his classmates were learning their letters and numbers, Ben Clock was experimenting with musical notes.