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Working With Green Screen For New Music Video

I'm now in post production for the music video. Working with all this 4K video is a bear. Here's what a budget green screen music video shoot looks like... music video for my new song 'On And On' coming soon!

On And On Will Be Release February 22nd 2019

That's right! On And On is in queue on every streaming service out there and is set to be released 2/22/2019. Be sure you are In The Loop to be the first to hear the new track. Thanks for all your support on this one and thank you for your patience.

Green Screen Testing

Now testing green screen capabilities and brainstorming for the On And On video. This is going to be a tedious but fun project. We are also shooting this one in 4K.

Mixing And Mastering On And On at Evergroove Studio

I'm finally at the mixing and mastering stage with On And On. This is the only part I don't like doing on my own. So I bring in one of the best mixing and mastering engineers in Colorado and longtime friend Brad Smalling of Evergroove Studio.

In The Recording Studio With Spirit Of Grace

Ben Clock was in the recording studio today with gospel group Spirit Of Grace, who is performing backup vocals for Clock's next song. The new song is sounding amazing and is scheduled to be release sometime before the end of this year.

Ben Clock Seen Filming Music Video On Colorado Ski Slopes

Ben Clock and crew seen filming next music video. Surprisingly, this one is being filmed on the ski slopes of Colorado. Even more surprising is he's wearing his now iconic suit… burr, that looks cold. This must mean his next song release is near!