New Music Video Is Out For On And On

The new music video has been released. This one was a lot of work. Adam helped me take the spinning video shots on a platform that I hand made. The shots were taken with music playing in the room at almost twice the speed. This is what gives the tie and jacket more of a slow motion movement look when the video was slowed down to match the actual speed of the song for the final video. We shot it against a green screen, mostly between 12AM and 4AM when I could have everything setup and not have any natural light bleeding into the shot. Then post video work started which was very time consuming. I pieced together roughly 30 different shots to get the right takes into place. It was a challenge to remove most of the back and butt shots, something I had not originally anticipated. The background photos were provided by Matt Payne Photography who is an amazing Colorado photographer. I inverted the photos side by side and then scrolled them across the screen in the background. In some of the shots I took the photo and cut the mountains from the sky, so I could move them in slightly different directions in the timeline for the video. This gave the photos the appearance that it was actual video footage.

Be sure the check out the video and follow me on YouTube, and thank you for all your support:

Best to you and yours - Ben