New On And On Remix Release & Lyric Video

The new remix of On And On is out, remixed by Aniello Guerra from Italy. We collaborated on this one during the COVID-19 outbreak to help bring a little more positivity into the world during a time of uncertainty. Italy and the US were really hit hard. The remix really turn out great. Aniello paired back the everything from the instrumentation to the vocals. He ended up using just the first verse and a few of the vocal parts and then used the MIDI tracks I sent him to drive the keyboard parts. He added additional key parts and drums from scratch and sped the track up by 12 BPM. I think it really turned out great and it has inspired me to consider minimizing instrumentation and vocal tracks on my future songs.

Be sure to check out the lyric video on YouTube and listen to the track on your favorite music service. Be sure to help me out by following on those platforms, and thanks so much for the ongoing support.

Best to you and your family, I hope you are all safe and well - Ben